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Adventure to Lloydminster, Canada's only border town!

Smack dab in the middle of two provinces

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Created by Chevrolet Equinox Road Trips - May 24th 2018

Every town has something that makes it unique and worth stopping by. For Lloydminster in Canada, it's the fact that they're the country's only border town. It's set squarely in between Saskatchewan and Alberta, and even though each side of the city has small differences, the town is governed as one settlement. It's also known for a relatively young population, which makes for another interesting reason to visit. All of Saskatchewan is pretty perfect for a road trip, so head out from the capital of Regina to the edge of the province in Lloydminster and enjoy roadside fun along the way!

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Lake Wascana is the epicentre of the city, and surrounding it is a 2,300-acre park. So it's no surprise that when you go to Regina, you will be enjoying some lake life. Whether you want to walk the lake park’s many trails, bike it, or kayak it-- there's a lot of outdoor space to explore. But Regina isn't just about nature. There are plenty of museums and cultural attractions as well. The city definitely knows how to work with what it has. Take the Saskatchewan Science Centre for instance, which was built in an old power plant. Or, try one of the many bars built inside old warehouses.

Royal Saskatchewan Museum

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum aims to educate visitors about Regina's First Nations people along with earth science. Here you'll learn about First Nations communities, their seasonal rounds for foresting food, and the history of the tipi. Travel even further back in time at the Earth Sciences Gallery, and learn which dinosaurs once dominated this land. Or, blast off into the future to learn just how big the human footprint is on Earth.

How much coffee is too much coffee? Travel just outside of Regina on Hwy 11 to Davidson to get your caffeine fix, because the world's largest coffee pot is waiting to pour you a cup (if only it actually had coffee in it). This 24-foot coffee pot could fill over 150,000 cups. But the intent isn't for the love of coffee; rather the pot is a community symbol that represents the warmth and hospitality of Davidson. I'll cheers to that.

Blackstrap Provincial Park

Since one lake is never enough on any trip, spend a day or night at Blackstrap Provincial Park. This park is a great spot to do some fishing, canoeing, camping, and hiking. If you prefer the beach life, then don't worry; they have that here, too. There's a section of the lake that has a beach, so you can make your best sandcastle inland.

Brunch, sunsets, and drinks are all better on a boat (try to change my mind). Prairie Lily cruises are a great way to take in the sights of downtown, the bridges, and the landscaped parks. Take it up a notch and try a brunch or dinner cruise

Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Wanuskewin Heritage Park works to advance the knowledge and appreciation of the First Nations people of the Northern Plains. At this park, take in the natural landscape and beauty that guided the First Nations years ago. Stop at the gallery on-site that showcases works of indigenous artists-- including visual, performance-based art, and mixed media. You can even go on an archaeological dig at the park during the months of May and June.

Fort Battleford was established in 1876 and played a central role in the North-West Rebellion/Resistance in 1885. As European settlers moved to the land, violence erupted between them and the First Nations. Here you can tour five original Northwest Mounted Police buildings and learn the role of the Mounties during early settlement.

World's Largest Border Markers

Take a drive past the world's largest border markers between Alberta and Saskatchewan, which stand 100 feet tall. These gigantic markers signify the provincial boundary and 4th meridian. But they represent more than a border. The four markers also represent Oil & Gas, the Barr Colonists, Agriculture, and Native North Americans.

Speaking of borders, spend a day in Lloydminster, which straddles the provincial border between Alberta and Saskatchewan. Enjoy the natural scenery at the Bud Miller All Seasons Park, which features a lake, trails, and even an indoor pool. Take a walk on the wilder side at the Border City Petting Zoo, and get your hands on African lions, camels, and reptiles!

Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada

Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada

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From old cultures to new, Regina to Lloydminster is full of learning experiences and roadside oddities. Containing Canada's only border city definitely makes this area unique, but what makes it even more special is everything along the journey. So make a stop to see a giant coffee pot, splash around in a lake, and learn the history of the First Nations people, who lived off the beautiful land with no borders.

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