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The perfect family-friendly weekend in Savannah

Exploring one of America's most beautiful cities.

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Created by Georgia Tourism - August 11th 2016

Let's face it, Savannah is absolutely gorgeous to visit any time of year. But, there's something special about visiting in autumn, and it's not just the pumpkin spice lattes. There's so much to do with the family for a fall getaway, from a pirate restaurant to roaming the ruins of a military fort, and a walk through one of the world's most beautiful public parks.

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Savannah, GA


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The very first thing you'll notice about Savannah is its incredible, vintage architecture. Truly experience the beauty of the city's old buildings by checking into The Marshall House: it's one of the oldest hotels in the city, and the original doors and reconstructed wrought iron balconies create the perfect atmosphere for a classic Savannah experience. The hotel offers twice-weekly historic talks that delve into the city's unique past, but features all the modern amenities you want from an inn as well... free wifi, complimentary breakfast, valet parking, and all.

Leopold's Ice Cream

Getting a scoop of ice cream at Leopold's has been a classic Savannah tradition since 1919! The soda fountain ambiance is just adorable, and they offer sandwiches and other cafe classics in addition to sundaes and cones of their homemade ice cream. The most classic flavors to order are lemon custard, rum bisque, butter pecan, and their signature, tutti frutti. Grab a seat at the counter and cool off after exploring the city!

Pirate's House Restaurant

As an old city right on the coast, Savannah has a special place in history. In fact, as you'll learn during a meal at the Pirate's House Restaurant, seafaring scoundrels frequented the settlement of Savannah back in the day! Sailors tossed back pints of grog in this old tavern back in the mid-18th century, and the current restaurant that's here pays tribute to the past with pirate-themed waiters who spin a mean yarn about the city's salty past and ghostly present (oh, and don't worry if your kids are young or don't like spooky stories; they're more than happy to tone down the scary bits). Plus, the menu is both kid- and adult-friendly, with burgers, seafood, chicken, salads, and more.

Old Fort Jackson

Step back in time at Old Fort Jackson! This beautifully restored 19th century historic landmark offers a look into the city's past. Re-enactors help tell the story of the fort, and of Savannah in the 1800s. Cannon firings, displays, interpretive signs, and more make this little fort a really in-depth and interactive history lesson for everyone.

Islands Miniature Golf and Games

Take advantage of Savannah's consistently warm weather with a round of classic, retro mini golf, a spin on some bumper go-karts, or a few pitches at the batting cages! Islands Miniature Golf and Games is fun for the whole family... and their putt-putt course is no joke, with tons of water traps and other fun hazards.

Oatland Island Wildlife Center of Savannah

For an extra-exciting hike, head to the Oatland Island Wildlife Center. Well-marked trails take you through woodlands and past ponds, where you can safely see gators, turtles, birds, and tons more. There are even bison, bobcats, cougars and more here, although they tend to be a little more shy. But the visitor center has snakes, wolf cubs, and more on display, so you're guaranteed to see a few totally cool wild creatures!


Savannah, GA

Another awesome and slightly unusual way to learn about Savannah's history is to visit one of their old graveyards. Bonaventure Cemetery is just as beautiful as it is fascinating. Ornate headstones and markers, historic names, and lovely Spanish moss-draped oaks make this a nice place for a stroll and some photo ops. It's especially charming in the fall. Avoid creepy vibes by visiting during the day, or lean into the spookiness by visiting this spot on one of the city's many ghost tours.


Savannah, GA

From the moment you arrive at the Wormsloe Historic Site and its stunning, tree-lined drive, you'll fall in love with this luxurious mansion. A picture-perfect example of an old Colonial home, the building has been turned into a museum dedicated to the history of the property and the interesting characters who occupied it. It's also worth strolling around the grounds to get a taste of the wealthy, antebellum South lifestyle that many associate with the city.

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

If you're looking for a quirky take on history, the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum is dedicated almost entirely to a slightly more uncommon artifact: the model ship. Mini, but incredibly detailed recreations of colonial vessels, ironclads, ocean-going steamers, and modern Navy ships fill this historic building, and are displayed alongside paintings and maritime artifacts to tell the story of Savannah's seafaring history.

Georgia State Railroad Museum

The Georgia State Railroad Museum takes a look at another method of transportation that played a huge role in the city's history: trains. Explore historic railcars, learn how train yards work from the functioning turntable, go for a spin on a handcar, watch blacksmiths at work, and even take a scenic ride on a historic steam engine! This landmark train yard is still bustling with activity, and offers loads to experience.


Savannah, GA

Finally, no trip through Savannah is complete without a stop at the city's iconic Forsyth Park. Designed as a key part of Savannah when it, one of the first planned cities in America, was founded, it's been a central feature for over 150 years. Gardens, fountains, pathways, green space, memorials, and other historic tidbits can be found during a stroll through the lush park!

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Savannah's irresistible charm makes it impossible to not fall in love with the city. Kids and adults alike will be swept up in the historic beauty, the allure of its storied past, and its downright fun attractions!

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