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Bryce Canyon Essential Info


Bryce Canyon National Park is a United States National Park that is located in Utah's Canyon Country. Some 35,835 acres (14,502 ha) or 56 mi² (145 km²) in extent, the designated area around the spectacular Bryce Canyon (not actually a canyon, but rather a giant natural amphitheater created by erosion) became a United States National Monument in 1923 and was designated as a National Park in 1928. The park is one of the most popular in Utah with nearly one million people visiting each year.

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Best Time To Go

Mar-Jun, Sep-Nov

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17 °C


Fun Facts

  1. Bryce Canyon City is a company town, consisting solely of the property of Ruby's Inn and the Syrett family, its third-generation owners.
  2. Majority of the residents are members of the Syrett family, and nearly all of the adults are employees of Ruby's Inn.
  3. Bryce Canyon formerly known as Ruby's Inn, was officially incorporated on July 23, 2007
  4. Bryce Canyon is the closest community to the entrance of Bryce Canyon National Park.

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