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Boar's Tusk

Rock Springs, Wyoming USA

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“climb on!”

Boar's Tusk is an isolated butte within the Rock Springs Uplift in the Green River Basin of southwestern Wyoming. The butte has a peak elevation of 7,101 ft (2,164 m) and rises some 400 ft (120 m) above the surrounding Killpecker Creek plain and lies 26.2 mi (42.2 km) north of Rock Springs. The north end of White Mountain lies 3.0 mi (4.8 km) to the west. Boar's Tusk is an isolated remnant of a long extinct volcano associated with the Leucite Hills to the east. Heavily eroded, all that remains of the volcano is part of the erosion resistant volcanic neck which is composed of the uncommon volcanic rock lamproite. Rock samples from Boar's Tusk provided an age of 2.5 MA.

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June 19, 2019
Rated 5.0

Exactly 20 miles from highway to Boar’s Tusk; follow the access road sign. Highly recommend 4WD, due to some sandy and muddy sections. Beautiful! You could spend the day driving the trails in an ATV. Well worth the trip!

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