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Lore and legends: Meet the ghosts of the Golden Isles

A region this rich in history has to have a few spirits!

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Created by Golden Isles - June 6th 2017

The incredible history of the Golden Isles is undeniable. You can sense it dripping from every Spanish moss-draped oak, in every ocean breeze, and down every shaded alley. In fact, you might not be imagining it; a region this filled with lore is bound to have a ghost or two. From sailors lost at sea to slaves damned to a lifetime of bondage, the ghost stories and tales you'll hear as you head off in search of the paranormal will add a touch of history, and an air of mystery, to your travels around the enchanting Golden Isles.

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Jekyll Island, GA


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When pirates and Confederate troops both walked the grounds of a coastline, you're sure to have some paranormal activity! The historic Jekyll Island Club was previously one of the most exclusive clubs for the wealthiest people in America, but it has since been converted to an upscale hotel that caters to guests - some who have never checked out. In 1886, the Jekyll Island Club had 53 investors, including J.P. Morgan and Joseph Pulitzer, to name a few. Many major events took place at this club, one of which was the first transcontinental telephone call ever made, way back in 1915!

A rich past calls for some rich spirits roaming the property. Railroad magnate Samuel Spencer was killed by a train in 1906, and rumor has it that he still enjoys having his coffee at the hotel every morning. This is just one of the many ghost stories that float amongst the visitors, drawing you in to check them out for yourself!

St. Simons Lighthouse

This lighthouse has been around since 1872, and you know it's got some spooky stories in its past. In 1880, the lightkeeper was shot by his assistant - talk about some bad blood! As a handful of deaths have occurred here over the years, footsteps are commonly heard in St. Simons lighthouse, and have spooked many a visitor that has dared walk the property. Rumor has it, you can sometimes even smell the old lightkeeper's tobacco smoke!

Walk East Beach at night and perhaps you can see Mary the Wanderer and her lantern shining bright, looking for her betrothed, who died at sea. Mary took her own life shortly after her lover's death, but still walks the beach many nights, refusing to give up her search. We suggest hanging out here to watch the sun set, then sticking around for a bit to see if you can catch a glimpse of Mary and her ghostly lantern. She's rumored to haunt all of the beaches of St. Simons, so keep your eyes peeled wherever you go.

Ebo Landing

A major event in African American history, St. Simons' Ebo Landing was home to a group suicide in 1803, when the Ebo people from Nigeria refused to be enslaved after landing in Georgia. This story is one of the first rebellions against slavery, and it is said that the Ebo people still roam the surrounding area. Not only is the land here said to be haunted, but since their leader led his people into the water to avoid being given into slavery, spirits are rumored to be everywhere: neither land nor water is safe. Ebo Landing is referenced in literature even today.

Last Ride Ghost Tours

As the name suggests, Last Ride Ghost Tours offer a unique spin on your average ghost hunt. The tours take place in a converted 1994 Cadillac Hearse and drive you all around the historic port city of Brunswick, educating those who dare take the "last ride" about the many haunted spirits that roam the town. For ghost-story-lovers and spirit-chasers alike, this tour is for you. And where else can you ride around in an old hearse? Upon arrival, you're even handed a toe tag with your death date (the day you take the tour), and a humorous reason as to why you died! The tour lasts an hour, and by the time you exit the vehicle, you'll be an expert on the spirits of the town!

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While having the island vacation of a lifetime, adding to the fun by discovering the ghosts that haunt these historic grounds is just icing on the cake for a unique Georgia experience! And just when you thought the Golden Isles could get any more unique... Go from gorgeous beaches by day to haunted houses by night!

Golden Isles

Nestled on the Georgia coast lies the mainland city of Brunswick and its four beautiful barrier islands: St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Little St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island. Pristine stretches of marshland, punctuated by small islands, define the Golden Isles' breathtaking landscape.