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Pasadena Essential Info


Pasadena is one of the oldest cities adjoining Los Angeles and is the main population center of the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California.

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Fun Facts

  1. One of the primary reasons Pasadena was incorporated in 1886 was to ban saloons and alcohol sales in the area.
  2. Pasadena is home to the annual Tournament of Roses each New Year’s Day, which includes the internationally televised Rose Parade and Rose Bowl football game.
  3. The Ice House in Pasadena is the oldest continuously running comedy club in the world.
  4. Famous Pasadenans include baseball great Jackie Robinson, astronomer Edwin Hubble, Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin, musicians Eddie and Alex Van Halen, and chef Julia Child.
  5. Trader Joe’s was founded in Pasadena in 1967.

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