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Buena Vista Essential Info


Buena Vista is a town in Chaffee County, south central Colorado. Although there's not much to the town, its setting between the Arkansas River and Sawatch Range, highest range of the Rocky Mountains, is magnificent, and it is a good jumping-off point for many kinds of outdoor recreational activities.

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Fun Facts

  1. In the 1920's, Buena Vista was known as the "Head Lettuce Capital of the World".
  2. The name "Buena Vista", Spanish for "Beautiful View", can often be heard pronounced locally as "Biewna Vista". This Americanized pronunciation was specified by Alsina Dearheimer, who chose this name for the town.
  3. Many residents simply refer to the town as "BV".
  4. Buena Vista is known as the White Water Capital of the Nation.

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